What is eVisitor?


This feature streamlines the check-in and -out process for Guests visiting a residential community. It enables unit owners to pre-register their Guests and provide details such as the visitor’s name, contact information and date and time of arrival.

Avoid the Hassle of
Manual Registration

Community members can avoid the hassle of having to wait at the gate for their visitors to be registered. Instead, visitors can be quickly and easily checked in using the pre-registered details, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free check-in process.


eVisitor also provides a feature for property owners to view a list of registered walk-in visitors. This enables them to monitor and identify any false registrations and ensure the safety and security of the community.

History in Your

eVisitor allows property owners to view the list of approved visits, providing a centralized hub for all visitor-related information. They can also view the visitor log, which keeps track of all registered visitors and their visit details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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from our FAQ!

eVisitor feature is allow residents to register your visitors or guests in advance prior to the actual visit day. A QR code will be generated instantly for you to share to your visitor or guest for quick verification and check in at guardhouse.

A QR code is used in eCommunity Visitor Management System to speed up the registration process in guardhouse. Each QR code is tied up to one registration. Visitors will need to show their QR code for scanning at guardhouse in order to perform check-in or check-out.

eCommunity guard app has in-app QR code scanner. Guard will use the tablet or smart phone that prepared by management office to perform the scan.

Guard is allowed to edit visitor’s information such as vehicle number, name, NRIC and mobile no.

Yes, you will receive app push notification while guard perform checked-in and checked-out actions.

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