What is eNotice?


eNotice is a feature in the eCommunity app that keeps users updated with important news and notices from their community management. It is a tab within the app that serves as a centralized hub for all community-related news, announcements, and updates.

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Stay Informed

Users can stay informed about upcoming events, changes in community policies, and other important information related to their community. The feature also allows users to receive push notifications for urgent or time-sensitive updates.

App updates

In addition to community notices, eNotice also provides updates related to the app itself. This includes information about new features, bug fixes, and any other changes to the app that users should be aware of. This helps ensure that users are always using the latest and most up-to-date version of the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, you can’t. eNotice is a one-way communication channel from management to residents only.

No, you can’t. Notices are controlled by management. Only management has the authority to remove the notices if they thought that notices are not relevant anymore and it would disappear from resident’s account.

No, you can’t. Only management has the authority to post.

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