What is eBilling?


eBilling is a feature of the eCommunity app that helps users keep track of their payment and invoice history related to their community fees and payments. It is a tab within the app that enables users to view all their unpaid community fees, including security fees, utility fees, maintenance fees, and any other dues.

Easily Monitor
Past Payments

Users can easily monitor their payment history, making sure they have paid all their community fees on time. Users can also track which fees they still need to pay, as well as the due dates for each pending payment.This allows users to plan their finances and make timely payments to avoid any late fees or penalties.


eBilling also provides users with the option to pay their dues directly within the app and receive instant receipt. This feature allows users to make payments at their convenience, without having to visit the community management office or mail a cheque. The app’s secure payment gateway ensures that users’ financial information is protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

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from our FAQ!

Yes. We are only providing the platform to ease the process for you to pay monthly fees. You are paying through the payment gateway that your committee sign up with.

a. Convenience – make payment and receive official receipts in your app and email instantly by clicking few buttons, don’t need to walk in to management office or bank in/transfer and send payment slip to management.

b. Easy – Receive and view your invoices, receipts and statement of account, anytime and anywhere.

c. Eco-friendly – Billings are all in softcopy.

No, you can’t. You can only pay the exact amount stated in the app.

Yes, you will receive receipts and invoices in your app and email immediately.

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