What is eContact?


This enables users easy access to all important contacts in the community, enabling community members to quickly find and access important contact information for emergencies, general inquiries or any other purpose.

Your Safety, Our Priority

Community members can find the contact information for essential personnel, such as the Security Team, Property Manager or person-in-charge (PIC) for specific situations. They can also access important contacts outside the community, such as Police, Ambulance, Fire & Rescue Services.


eVisitor also provides a feature for property owners to view a list of registered walk-in visitors. This enables them to monitor and identify any false registrations and ensure the safety and security of the community.

History in Your

eVisitor allows property owners to view the list of approved visits, providing a centralized hub for all visitor-related information. They can also view the visitor log, which keeps track of all registered visitors and their visit details.

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, you can’t. This emergency contacts are updated by management.

No, you can’t. Emergency contacts are managed by management.

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