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Welcome to eComMall, where even your neighbour can be a merchant! Our platform allows SMEs and property owners to offer their products & services to a wider audience within their community. From traditional retail products, to house and air-conditioning service, our Marketplace creates opportunities for anyone to earn some extra income, while serving their local community.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Marketplace, as the name suggests is a new module introduced by eCommunity, to help provide a platform for everyone to buy and sell products and services. This acts as a virtual market-place for you all to come together and support your community. You as a user, are free to post items for sale, offer services, discover awesome deals, and make purchases, even arranging for pick-ups— all through the eCommunity App.

We hope to create a thriving community for local buyers and sellers, making it effortless for everyone to earn and save money, reuse/recycle resources, and connect with their community in a safe and friendly environment, with just their smartphone.

This is, Marketplace.

Your community sphere.

All eCommunity users can be merchants on Marketplace. Simply set-up your merchant account through the app and list the product and/or services you provide—it’s that simple! Now you’re free to establish your online presence on the eCommunity App and connect with your fellow neighbours.

You are free to sell anything, with no limitations on the range of products. As the merchant, it is your responsibility to ensure the sale is legal, that the products are accurately described, packaged, shipped, warranted, and fulfilled in respect of all sale and after sale obligations required by the law or trade.

You are able to provide any service and even create a package of services under a variety of price ranges. As the merchant however, it is your responsibility to ensure the service provided is legal and in respect of all sale and after sale obligations required by the law or trade.

For Products: Browse through and select your product, and the amount you’d like. You can then click “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” if you want to keep browsing. Once you’re ready to pay, simply go to your cart, choose your shipping method, checkout, and proceed to payment.

For Services: Browse through and select your preferred service, and the package you’d like. Next, choose the date and time you would like and upload any attachment if necessary. Please add remarks to help merchants better understand the service you need. Simply click submit and wait for your order to be accepted. Once the service is done by the merchant, the final payment amount will be updated for you to make the payment within the app.

Marketplace only acts as an e-commerce platform, if an invoice is needed, kindly liaise with the merchant directly for an official invoice.

When the customer requests for a return/refund, merchants are required to respond within 7 days of receiving the request. In issues relating to refunds, communication shall be solely between the buyer and the merchant. However if no response is sent by the merchant, eCommunity will accept and process the request, issuing a full refund to the customer.

If a merchant rejects your request for a return/refund, you may file a report to eCommunity and we will act as a mediator to assist all parties in reaching a final decision.

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